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Daphne Lace Maxi | Size 14-16

Daphne Lace Maxi | Size 14-16

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The Daphne Lace Maxi is a stunning piece for your next maternity session. With an elasticated waist and sleeves, this dress suits sizes 10-16 beautifully. The sleeves can be pushed up slightly to create this voluminous effect.  A unique gown that will make your precious maternity session memorable.

We have a matching, white stretchy slip that can be worn underneath this dress if you want to wear the sleeves sitting on the shoulders. For an off the shoulder look, as seen on our model here.. we recommend a nude bra and underwear. 


Please note , these are a rough guide as the dress has an elasticated waist and lots of volume in the hips/waist area.

Length - 142cm

Bust - 79cm

Elasticated Waist - 106cm when stretched out


Note: Image one model is usually a size 18 when not pregnant. 




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