How does Lend Me The Dress work?

1. Choose the perfect dress for your specific date.

2. Select the date of your event or photoshoot,  and we will aim to ensure that your dress will arrive to you 1-2 days before your specified date. We use overnight shipping and returns with NZ POST. We send rentals out 2-3 days in advance to accomodate for any shipping delays with couriers. Please be specific when placing your order so that we can get your rental to you exactly when you need it.

3. The rental agreement consists of a 6 day period ( this is from the date the dress is sent out to you, up until the dress is returned to us) , but may extend for an additional cost. 

Can I come and try an outfit on before I hire a dress?

All of our dresses are loose, floaty styles or have adjustable straps to cater to a range of different sizes. We don't do try ons but are happy to send extra measurements of dresses if required. If you are unhappy with your dress, please email us as soon as you get it and we can organise a return and exchange for another dress. 

Am I able to pick up my order?

We send all dresses out via tracked post and have them returned via tracked post. This ensures that the dresses are shipped out and arrive back to us safely with tracking. If you are local to Hamilton or the Waikato, please message us about delivery and returns via drop offs however nothing is guaranteed. 

Do I need to pay a deposit to rent a dress?

We now require a 40% deposit on all dresses. This is fully refundable when your rental arrives back to us in the condition it left in. We take photos of all dresses before they are sent out and check over each gown thoroughly. The deposit will be refunded back to the card you paid for your order on within 1-2 working days. All orders will be emailed an invoice for deposits and this needs to be paid before your dress has been sent out.

What are my delivery options?

Postage is included in the price of the dress hire. This postage cost includes tracked, overnight delivery of the item to you and the return bag (pre-addressed to us) that you receive in the bag with your rental. Although we aim for overnight delivery, we can't guarantee this will always be the case. We recommend booking your dress in advance as early as possible to ensure your dress arrives to you on time. If you live rural please let us know so we can ensure your dress is sent out earlier. 

What if I accidentally stain or damage the dress?

We understand accidents happen! Most wear and tear isn't an issue (e.g white sand or sequins coming off). We will do our best to repair and clean the item.

Please be extra careful when it comes to photoshoots on the beach. Hold your dress up so that it does not touch black sand or water. Fake tan marks our white dresses, we do not recommend tanning before wearing white gowns, kimonos or dresses. 

For stains that need to be removed with extra dry cleaning, there will be a fee of $35, and will be under the discretion of Lend Me The Dress.

Please do not try to mend or clean the dress yourself. In the event that an item is damaged beyond repair, you can be charged up to 150% of the retail or market value of an item, depending on the replacement cost.

What if the dress doesn't fit?

Most of the young girls dresses have adjustable straps, or are a loose fit. We recommend sizing up if you are unsure. Our womens dresses have measurement details on our website. Please choose carefully as we do not offer refunds on our rentals. We offer store credit if dresses are returned on the same day that they arrive, and this allows you to choose another dress in time for your event or photoshoot. 

What if I return a gown late or not at all?

Lend me the Dress rental period is six days. The rental period starts from the date of attempted delivery. Once your dress is delivered, you have it for the date that you have booked online, and then it MUST be returned the next working day in the pre labelled return bag provided.

For example: If you book the dress for a Monday, we will send the dress out, so it arrives to you 2-3 days before that date. You then need to return your dress on the next working day which would be the Tuesday. The dress is deemed returned when the parcel is scanned. Please ensure you return your parcel over the counter at your local courier post office so that they can scan it for tracking. If you are rural or it is difficult for the courier to get to you, please leave a message letting us know. If your event was cancelled due to weather or sickness, we generally try to accommodate and extend the rental for you one way or the other. Please contact us ASAP if this happens. However, if you have not attempted to contact us in advance and the dress is not returned by its due date, a late fee of $35 per day will apply.

Do I need to wash my gown before returning it?

No, we do not require you to wash your rental before returning it to us. However, we do ask that you please shake it out thoroughly of any sand or twigs that might be stuck in it. If it is wet, please hang it on the line to dry before returning and then shake out sand or grass etc. 

If you do wash the garments that are sent to you, and you damage them during this process and beyond repair, please email us straight away to let us know we appreciate your honesty. You can be charged up to 150% of the retail or market value of an item, depending on the replacement cost.