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Terms and Conditions

- Bookings can be made directly via our store using the booking app. Payment options we have available are Paypal, Mastercard, Visa and Afterpay.
- All bookings now require a 40% fully refundable deposit. This deposit is not included in your dress rental price and will be invoiced to you seperately once you have placed your order. The deposit will be refunded back to you 1-2 working days after we have received the dress on the due date and in the condition that we sent it out in.  This is to the discretion of Lend Me The Dress. 
- Dresses that require extra dry cleaning services to remove stains or markings will require a $30 fee.
- Dresses that need minor repairs (e.g zip replacement / strap replacement or hem taken up due to damage on the bottom of the dress ) will require a fee of $30-$50.
- Dresses with full damage that cannot be used again for hire, require a 150% fee of the RRP. This covers replacement cost of the dress and shipping charges as most of our gowns come from overseas. 
- Any charges will be discussed with you , our customer before processing and an invoice will be sent out if your deposit does not cover the full price of repairs.
- Our rental period is 6 days. This includes delivery to you , returning to us and cleaning times before the dress is available for the next customer.
- Your dress is due to be returned on the next available working day.
E.g If your rental date is Saturday, your dress needs to be returned by 4PM latest on Monday at your nearest local post shop. If your rental date is during the week e.g Wednesday, your dress would need to be returned on the Thursday. If your rental falls on a public holiday, please return on the next available working day.
Please contact us straight away if there is a delay in posting, or if you need to extend your rental due to weather cancellations. 
- We charge $30 per day for late rentals and require a fee of 30% of your rental amount for dress rental extensions.
- Dress rental extensions allow you to hold the dress for another week , or send back to us and rebook your rental for another preferred date. A $20 shipping fee will be required if we need to send the dress back to you at a later date. 
If your dress is booked for the next available weekend, you will have the option to choose another dress to the same value of the dress you rented.
- If you receive an item that is not as described or faulty, please contact us straight away with time stamped screenshots for any markings/ faults. We will arrange an exchange or full refund of the booking fee once the item has been returned back to us. We require same day returns for instances like these and can track this once your parcel has been scanned over the counter at your nearest local post shop. 
- A $25 cancellation fee applies to all cancelled bookings. If your event is cancelled, or you cancel your hire, Lend Me The Dress will happily refund you a store credit minus the cancellation fee. 
- If your booking date needs to be changed due to weather ( maternity sessions etc) , Please get in touch and we will ammend this without charge. You must contact us at least one week in advance before we send your rental out.
- Lend Me The Dress reserves the right to cancel a booking at short notice. Reasons for cancellation may be ( But are not limited to) an item not being available due to late return by a previous customer or damage to an item. 
- Lend Me The Dress endeavour to provide as much notice as possible. In the event of a cancellation by Lend Me The Dress, we offer a full refund ,store credit or the option to change to another item of equal value. 
- In the event of a nation wide lockdown due to Covid 19, we will change the hire date for your rental as soon as possible. If you do not require another rental date for your chosen dress, we will issue a store credit to the value of your rental. 
This store credit does not have an expiry date and can be used storewide, and will be sent to you via email. 
- Lend Me The Dress will dry clean the dress after each hire period. Customers must agree not to attempt to clean the dress. If you attempt to clean the dress and it results in permanent damage, additional fees may incur.
- We trust our customers will treat our rentals with complete care. However , it is possible some damage may occur. For minor damages that are easily repaired ( i.e sequins or buttons coming off, fabric coming away and small hem / thread unravelling) Lend Me The Dress will not charge customers.
- While renting our garments, you as the customer agree not to get our garments submerged in water , black sand or any muddy areas that may cause the bottom of the dress to stain while being rented. 
- Any marks of fake tan or snags from jewellery will cause damage to dresses and a fee will incur if damaged items can not be repaired. 
- If your rental is lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair then you the customer are liable to pay for the replacement of the item. In assessing the replaceable value, Lend Me The Dress will take into account the demand of the dress in the market, availability to purchase the dress again and the rental fee already paid. Charges can be up to 150% of the retail value in addition to the rental cost the customer has already paid. 
By hiring from Lend Me The Dress, I as the customer agree to the terms and conditions as outlined above. I authorise charges to be made in the case that there may be damages or late returns. This payment authorisation is for the goods/ services described above only. I agree to paying the seperate invoice of a 40% fully refundable deposit for my rental before my due rental date.