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The Bambina Dress | White | Size 12
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The Bambina Dress | White | Size 12

$50.00 NZD


The bambina dress is a mid length, stretch knit number to keep you warm during the colder months! With a V neckline, detachable waist tie and batwing style sleeves, this dress is perfect for babyshowers or special events. 
Our model wears a size 12 and is a size 14 at 32 weeks pregnant.
We also have The bambina dress available in a size 10 here. 
This dress is unlined but not see through, we recommend  wearing nude underwear.
These measurements are a loose guide as the dress is quite stretchy with a bit of give for sizing.
119cm, waist - 41cm, bust - 33cm

Simply select your event date (we will ensure your item arrives before your event) by clicking on the calender under "Event Date".

The return date will default to the day of your event. Don't worry about this, as our booking calendar blanks out the 6 day rental period to include shipping and cleaning times! If this is a weekend or public holiday please ensure your item is returned on the next business day.

If you have any questions or queries, please get in touch!

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