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Backup Dress Option
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Backup Dress Option

$30.00 NZD

Not sure about fit or size?

Rent a backup dress for only $30 and have 2 outfit options delivered to your door! 

- You pay for the dress that is of highest value ,then add the $30 backup dress option to your cart.

- Your backup dress must be of a lower value to your first dress option.

- Let us know the dress you want in the notes section and we will manually update the booking form for your second dress option.

- Both rentals will be sent out to you 2-3 days before your event / photoshoot. 

- Return the dress you don't want to rent on the same day it arrives, or the next available working day and continue renting the option you love! 

- The backup dress option must be sent back on the same working day that you receive your dress, or in the morning on the next available working day.


How does this service work?

- You have the option to try the dresses on and send the second option back that same day in the delivery bag provided.

- If your rentals arrive too late in the day to return to the post shop, then the gown you are not wanting to rent must be returned on the next available working day. The gown you want to keep is kept for the remainder of your rental period.

- These dresses arrive up to 3 days before your event and allow you to have peace of mind over your rental choice. 

- The 40% dress deposit will cover the total cost of both gowns together, and you will receive this deposit back once you return your dresses on time and in the condition they were sent out in.

Please note, that if your backup option is not sent back on the next available working day then you will be charged for both gowns.

Simply select your event date (we will ensure your item arrives before your event) by clicking on the calender under "Event Date".

The return date will default to the day of your event. Don't worry about this, as our booking calendar blanks out the 6 day rental period to include shipping and cleaning times! If this is a weekend or public holiday please ensure your item is returned on the next business day.

If you have any questions or queries, please get in touch!

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