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Serenity Dress | White | Size 4-5
Serenity Dress | White | Size 4-5
Tutu Du Monde

Serenity Dress | White | Size 4-5

$39.00 NZD

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Fanned fronds of tulle pinned with tiny silver beads are dotted about the skirt, which falls beautifully from the waist. The cotton bodice is embellished with sequins and topped with further tulle fronds, while the slim, silky, adjustable straps sit comfortably on the shoulders. The delicate details on this dress are absolutely stunning and perfect for your little ones special occasion. Our model is age 3, this dress can fit up to a size 5.


Chest- 51cm

Length- 63cm

RRP- $100

Photo Credit - Acacia Lilly 

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