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Labour Pain Support | Essential Oil Roller
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Labour Pain Support | Essential Oil Roller

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Creating a calm environment during labour can be helped with the use of essential oil rollers. This one is great for relief during labour ! 

The Labour Pain Support Roller contains : Clary Sage with dried chamomile diluted to 2% in coconut and jojoba oil.

Properties of the essential oils:

Roman Chamomile is an antispasmodic essential oil so it provides a wonderful support for muscular and abdominal pain and cramping in labour. Studies have shown Clary Sage and Roman Chamomile are effective in alleviating pain and the need for use of opiods decreased significantly. It is anti-inflammatory and is also calming which supportive for periods of rest. Use with caution if you experience asthma or hayfever due ti its relationship to ragweed.

Clary Sage is an extremely relaxing, euphoric, antispasmodic and analgesic oil making it ideal for labour. Studies have shown it enhances uterine contractions while relieving uterine pain. Aromatherapy and massage have been acknowledged as effective for labour pain, anxiety and overall childbirth satisfaction for labouring woman.

DIRECTIONS: Firmly massage onto lower abdomen and back for labour natural pain relief. Start application from early stages of labour by applying to lower abdomen and back as well as acupressure points around ankles & hands. Apply firm counter pressure to sacrum during each contraction. Re application every 30min or when
desired. (Warning: For external use only. Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight to keep oils from degrading). Not safe for pregnancy until term labour. 




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